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Fortore Energia S.p.A. was founded at the end of 2001 by a joint venture between Comunità Montane del Fortore Beneventano and Monti Dauni Settentrionali and private companies already operating in the energy sector, with the aim of introducing a modern vision of the energy production.

In 2004, entered REN Romagna Energia S.p.A., which is partecipated by large groups of the Italian Food Industry, like Amadori, Orogel and Conserve Italia, to provide financial resources to achieve the corporate goals. This is how the Holding Fortore Energia S.p.A. was born, with the aim of providing the group, for its industrial purposes, with a serious and dynamic plan with strategic/operational visions which are able to adapt the sectoral changes and to expand the corporate organization.
In 2005 the first 22 MW plant starts its production, sited in the municipality of Roseto Valfortore (FG), born from the synergy between the company, the local authorities and Enercon GmbH, who is the wind turbines technological manufacturer. After only two years from the realization of its first plant and other wind farms named  Spina, Monticelli, Franciosa and Alberona, Fortore Energia S.p.A. reached the target of 100 MW installed power from wind source connected to the national grid. Soon after, the first acknowledgments arrived. «Landscape» and «Paisage», two of the most acclaimed architectural and landscape magazines, will dedicate two long articles about the realized plants in  Roseto Valfortore and Alberona, being the last one defined  as «non-extraneous but related to landscape contexts… able to establish new shapes of relationship with the existing one».

Within 2013, the Group achieved more than 300 MW, through wind and photovoltaic plants. The corporate structure of Holding Fortore Energia, in the meanwhile, took note of the diversity of the strategic/operational visions and the different needs  and aware of the impossibility of pursuing the joint venture without any negative impact for itself, decides to put an end to the original corporate structure.

Therefore, in 2016, the historical shareholders of the Group (Antonio Salandra, Pietro Stampone, Michele Ferringo, Riccardo Ducoli), by the mean of the new estabilished Fortore Futura Srl, have acquired the full and complete control of Holding Fortore Energia S.r.l..The new business plan, that is leading to «new» partners, is bringing further benefits to the whole Group thanks to a new stable control system as well as the employment of already existing resources and their know-how.